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We have 95 stories and 676 authors in this archive.

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If you're interested in finding LXG/LoEG story challenges, beta readers, or fanart, then you may be interested in visiting our (twin) sister site.


Recently Updated/Added
Mameena by ROSSELLA1 (G)
When Allan is stabbed he is saved by a woman from his past. Spoilers for mo...

Taken In Again by anc11201993 (G)
The league has a new mission....

The Private Diary of Elizabeth Quatermain, vol. V: Tartan Holiday by Lady Norbert (PG)
The long-lost fifth installment is here! Elizabeth continues to document t...

Something More by Dr_Quatermain (PG-13)
When a father/son relationship turns into something more, Tom and Allan str...

She's The Blade by Ninja Stealth Noise (PG-13)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen cross paths with vigilante Remy Baude...

When Tables Turn by Wicked_n_lazy (PG)
When the Nautiloid is stolen, Dorian is left behind in M's haste to escape....

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Welcome to "League of Extraordinary Fanfiction," a LXG/LoEG fanfiction archive. Thank you for visiting!

This site is the (twin) sister of the original LXF fanfiction archive and writers' resource. Though all of the resource materials and fanart still remain on the original site, all fanfiction has been moved to this fully automated archive.

Anonymous Reviews

I've temporarily turned off anonymous reviews because we've been having trouble with someone going through and leaving links to pornographic images. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Settiai on 09/26/06 - 06:31AM (0 Comments)


If anyone was accidently infected by a trojan virus while visiting this site in the past few days, I want to apologize. A jerk who goes by the name of shader has been going around and exploiting websites that use eFiction, and this site was one of the ones that fell victim to him.

In the future, if you see anyone create an account on this site that looks suspicious, please let me know. I'm trying to keep an eye on things to make sure this doesn't happen again, which should be more difficult now that I've added some more coding in to at least discourage hackers, but it's not impossible -- and I can't see everything.

Settiai on 12/27/05 - 01:29AM (0 Comments)

Still Alive?
Wow. This site has kind of... died.

Come on, people, let's try to bring some life back into the fandom. It's been ages since anyone uploaded new fanfiction in the movieverse or the comicverse. Does nobody have some new works? Do the newer members of the fandom not know about this site?
Settiai on 06/07/05 - 02:58PM (3 Comments)

Quick Notice

I never really thought that I'd have to say this, but it looks as if I was mistaken.

Please don't merely post an author's note saying that you'll have the first chapter of a story finished sometime in the future. Wait until you have something to post before you upload it to the site.

Settiai on 10/16/04 - 03:31PM (0 Comments)


Several people have asked me if there was a way they could donate money in order to help pay for this site's hosting. If anyone wants to make a donation, feel free to send a payment via Paypal to eydiefoster@yahoo.com. Please don't send any e-mails concerning this site to that address, however, seeing as my mother might not appreciate getting flooded with mail that's meant for me. :-/

On another note, please feel free to send me an e-mail if you feel that any story on this site breaks any rules. I'll read over it, and -- if I agree with your assessment -- the author will be sent a warning and the story will be removed.

Settiai on 08/07/04 - 09:50PM (1 Comments)


As of July 25th, this site will have been online for an entire year. Because of that, I'd like to at least attempt to bring it back up to the status it was before I turned it into an automated archive.

If you have a favorite author who hasn't posted their stories here, send them an e-mail and let them know about the site. Or, if you haven't posted some of your stories here, why not take the time to do so? This site was created to be a home for all LXG/LoEG fanfiction, but it will never reach that goal if so many of the fandom's authors don't post here.

I'm going to be contacting all of the authors who sent stories to the old archive, in hopes of bringing back a few of the "classics" that were taken offline when the site was redone. It would be greatly appreciated if others could help though.

Settiai on 07/06/04 - 03:13PM (0 Comments)

LiveJournal News
A new LiveJournal community has been created for any and all registered LXF authors. If you are interested in joining, the link can be found on the right side of the page.
Settiai on 05/29/04 - 05:01PM (0 Comments)

Grand Opening!

First of all, I just wanted to thank all of you for sticking with me (and this site) over the past year. I'm hoping that turning it into an automated archive will help bring some new life into the fandom. ^.^


This site is now officially up and running. Please feel free to sign up for an account and start posting your stories.

If there are any categories that you feel need to be added, or if I've left out any characters that you feel should be listed, please reply to this message and let me know.

Settiai on 05/18/04 - 04:09PM (8 Comments)

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Essays (4)

Any essays whose main focus is directly or indirectly related to LXG/LoEG fanfiction.
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Any story whose main focus is a m/f relationship.
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Any story whose main focus is a m/m or f/f relationship.
Threesomes (3)

Any story whose main focus is a m/m/m, f/f/f, m/f/m, or f/m/f relationship.
No Pairings (49)

Any story whose main focus is not on a specific pairing.
Crossovers (5)

Any stories, het or slash, that span multiple fandoms.

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