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Scire Me by Soujin Prouvaire [Reviews - 2]
In which Ishmael attempts to convince Jekyll that Nemo really doesn't mean any harm. No, really. He's just nervous. :) Rather sensibly, Jekyll disagrees.
Category: Threesomes - Characters: Henry Jekyll, Nemo - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance, Slash, Movieverse - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: character death, multiple partners, slash - Chapters: 1
Published: 11/29/04 - Updated: 11/29/04 - Completed: Yes

Taken In Again by anc11201993 [Reviews - 0]
The league has a new mission.
Category: Threesomes - Characters: Edward Hyde, Henry Jekyll, M, Nemo, Rodney Skinner, Tom Sawyer, Mina Harker (Murray) - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Character Study, Drama, Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Suspense, Time Travel, Movieverse - Rating: G - Warnings: no warning - Chapters: 3
Published: 05/01/09 - Updated: 05/01/09 - Completed: No

When in Mourning by Ash [Reviews - 1]
A ritual of mourning is infiltrated.
Category: Threesomes - Characters: Dorian Gray, Rodney Skinner, Tom Sawyer, Mina Harker (Murray) - Genres: Dark, Het, PWP, Slash, Movieverse - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: character death, het, rape/non-con, slash - Chapters: 1
Published: 03/24/05 - Updated: 03/24/05 - Completed: No

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