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Still Alive?
Wow. This site has kind of... died.

Come on, people, let's try to bring some life back into the fandom. It's been ages since anyone uploaded new fanfiction in the movieverse or the comicverse. Does nobody have some new works? Do the newer members of the fandom not know about this site?
(Settiai - 06/07/05 - 02:58PM)

Nooo~!! I just discovered this site! Look, look, I added a story! Whee~!! > - JunKo (08/19/05 - 12:20PM)

It's good to see some new authors. :-P - Settiai (08/27/05 - 10:17AM)

I joined not long ago! Im also on fanfiction.net though- I do have a fic I'm working on right now I could put up... - Wicked_n_lazy (11/17/05 - 11:22AM)

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