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Grand Opening!

First of all, I just wanted to thank all of you for sticking with me (and this site) over the past year. I'm hoping that turning it into an automated archive will help bring some new life into the fandom. ^.^


This site is now officially up and running. Please feel free to sign up for an account and start posting your stories.

If there are any categories that you feel need to be added, or if I've left out any characters that you feel should be listed, please reply to this message and let me know.

(Settiai - 05/18/04 - 04:09PM)

Will the stories from the old site be moved to here? - evilweevil (05/18/04 - 09:13PM)

I have all of the stories from the old site saved to my computer, but I'm hoping that the authors will create accounts on the archive and upload the stories themselves. If an author asks me to go ahead and create an account for them (and therefore upload their stories), I will... but only if there's no way possible for them to upload the stories themselves.

One of the main reasons I created the automated archive in the first place is so that I wouldn't have nearly as much work to do. :-) - Settiai (05/18/04 - 09:29PM)

Well, you left Mina off the character list, and I think she's fairly important. The fact that Orlando is on the character list and Mina isn't is a bit...odd.

But otherwise, this site looks FABULOUS. Great work! - Lady Norbert (05/21/04 - 02:41AM)

Eek! *shakes head* That's exactly what I meant about stupid mistakes.

Fixing it now. :-) - Settiai (05/21/04 - 04:08PM)

Question. What constitutes a Mary-Sue? I've seen many different definitions, so I just wanted to make sure what this site's definition was.

Thank you much,
~Mel - MelanthaNocturne (05/26/04 - 11:30PM)

Any original character who has pretty much no flaws, is a love interest for one (or more) canon characters, seems to good to be true, etc. - Settiai (05/29/04 - 04:53PM)

Settiai -- it would appear that the Annexe no longer exists. The link isn't valid anymore, nor is my personal bookmark. Any way to get in touch with the site owner? - Lady Norbert (06/13/04 - 09:24PM)

Let me see if I can find her e-mail address, and then I'll get back to you. - Settiai (06/18/04 - 11:56AM)

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