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As of July 25th, this site will have been online for an entire year. Because of that, I'd like to at least attempt to bring it back up to the status it was before I turned it into an automated archive.

If you have a favorite author who hasn't posted their stories here, send them an e-mail and let them know about the site. Or, if you haven't posted some of your stories here, why not take the time to do so? This site was created to be a home for all LXG/LoEG fanfiction, but it will never reach that goal if so many of the fandom's authors don't post here.

I'm going to be contacting all of the authors who sent stories to the old archive, in hopes of bringing back a few of the "classics" that were taken offline when the site was redone. It would be greatly appreciated if others could help though.

(Settiai - 07/06/04 - 03:13PM)

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